SUP-YOGA at it’s best!

The BB team would like to welcome Kelsey Baptiste, our new SUP-YOGA instructor.


One of Kelsey’s favorite mottos is “Life is a journey, not a destination”. Through yoga one can go forth in this journey to find peace, self-love and appreciation, strength, and acceptance, thus living life to its full potential. Yoga practice is a special time set aside and dedicated to the inner self.

There is no competition in yoga because everyone’s path is unique with a focus on individuality. With concentrated focus on breathing and internal awareness, discovery of what needs attention in our life in the present moment becomes available.

The type of yoga Kelsey teaches is integral, which means that it will address body, mind, and soul. Integral yoga is a classic yoga style where the 8 steps (Astanga) are respected. The postures are more static and Kelsey incorporates a segment for meditation and a segment for pranayamas (breathing exercises) with the majority of time spent on asanas (postures). The main concept of integral yoga is that we are multi-dimensional beings so it makes sense that when we practice yoga we address and embrace these dimensions: body, mind, and soul.


Practicing Yoga on a stand up paddle (SUP) board brings in another dimension to your practice. You integrate with nature, let go of control and trust the movement of the Ocean. Taking advantage of an ever-changing foundation, you will have an enriching new experience.

Come and join us in SUP Yoga!


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March 4, 2017

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